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Taking Care Of Yourself Is Productive.

Taking Care Of Yourself Is Productive

As someone who has lived a large part of their existence believing their worth is determined by how much they get done, coming to the understanding that taking care of yourself is productive changed my life. This is a gentle reminder for any one else that needs it, that your self care makes a difference in the world. Allowing yourself to feel good and allowing yourself to love yourself has a positive impact on the world. Making time for yourself and loving yourself changes the world in a positive way. By taking care of yourself and sending yourself love, you're filling your own cup, allowing you to show up in the world with more energy, kindness, and patience. That's true productivity.

The act of being present while taking care of yourself, like appreciating the scent of your products, highlighting the sensory experience of cleansing your face transforms routine tasks into loving rituals. Thanking your incredible body that carries you on your journey through life, fosters a sense of calm and gratitude. This inner peace can be a source of strength for yourself and those around you.

Even the smallest acts of self-love can have a significant impact. When you show yourself love, you're better equipped to handle challenges, be more patient with others, and spread compassion. This creates a positive chain reaction in your interactions with the world.

Ask yourself what makes you feel good? Explore different forms of self-care, from soaking in the bath, to meditation, to spending time in nature. Even if you’re short on time, there are lots of ways you can show up for yourself, look yourself in the eyes when you are applying your moisturiser or lip gloss and send yourself deep appreciation and watch as that appreciation radiates outward in your daily life. Find what works for you and aim to make it a priority.

Self-care is an investment, not an indulgence. It’s a deeply individual journey and it encompasses how you feel, in your mind, your body and quite frankly your soul - your state of being should be well :)

Below are some of the wonderful products from my favourite brands that help me practice self care, I hope you love them too 👇