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LA based CORPUS is made for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of ‘going natural.’ Our proprietary vegan, plant-based formulations are designed to be both purposeful, and elicit happiness. The result is body care that goes above and beyond what you may have come to expect.

CORPUS was founded in 2018 by J. P. Mastey, a skincare expert with over 20 years of experience. “My motivation was personal, and began in 2015 when we were expecting our first child. In the process of preparing our home for our new baby, I went from someone that merely glanced at ingredient panels to someone who obsessed over them, and about the idea of clean and safe ingredients. But all the ‘natural’ products I found were either not truly natural or felt like I was forced to make a sacrifice on aesthetics, scent, texture, or performance. I was prepared to do it better.”

CORPUS believe that products should be clean and sustainable, but also that the experience of using a product is equally important – especially one you use every day. They don’t think they are mutually exclusive. They strongly believe that luxury comes from the thoughtful selection of products that are both purposeful and elicit happiness — and that each person has an evolving, intimate definition of luxury, that cannot be culturally prescribed or achieved.

To create something exceptional, it has to be the sum of all parts. It’s not enough to design a product that simply works. The product must feel good; the weight, the proportions, and the texture all must come together. Their goal was and is to be pleasing to all senses and boy did they succeed!