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Our Story

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with beauty, in all its forms, though admittedly much of what we find beautiful is highly subjective. Studies suggest we're hardwired to appreciate forms and patterns like fractals and the Golden Ratio because they were beneficial to our ancestors. A symmetrical face might have signaled good health, while recognizing patterns in nature helped them find food and shelter. Understanding the science behind our attraction to beauty is fascinating but it doesn't explain the emotional connection we feel with it. Perhaps the answer lies not just in our evolutionary past but also in the way beauty shapes our experiences and emotions throughout our lives. I’ve been blessed to travel a lot for work and am fascinated by different geographies varying standards of beauty and always delight in visiting the local supermarkets and beauty stores of wherever I am to see and understand others perspectives. Despite the vast differences in what is considered 'beautiful' across cultures, I realised there is a universal human desire to express oneself and feel good.

I wanted CALE to exist for that very reason - to help people feel good about themselves, about our choices, about our home planet. To become aware that allowing yourself to feel good, allowing yourself to love yourself, to understand that taking care of yourself is productive, that your self care makes a difference in the world. These were profound realisations for me. It made me recognise why I found such solace my whole life in the purchase of a face oil, a body lotion, a lip gloss, a new mascara. These seemingly insignificant purchases allowed me moments, albeit unconsciously then, to connect with myself and give myself the self care and love I needed.

I wasn’t as mindful when I was younger how important what you put on your skin is and my sensitive epidermis often paid the price of my experimenting with new products and the angry rashes that would undoubtedly follow. This curiosity has continued throughout my life. Online beauty store tabs open, baskets full of potential products to change my life. It wasn’t till I lived in Portland Oregon, a city known for being an alternative lifestyle mecca that I became truly aware of natural beauty products and their efficacy. I’d always been drawn to more natural therapies, homeopathy, naturopathy, reiki and I had practiced yoga on and off my whole life but had never explored beauty and wellness in the same way. This newfound awareness started me on the path to exploring the concept of inner beauty and in turn my inner self. I began to take greater responsibility for the choices I made every day, from what I put into my body and what I put on it. I was so excited by the brands I was discovering and the results they gave. I loved sharing them with my friends and anyone who would listen :)

CALE is a culmination of all the above and the desire to champion the effectiveness of natural beauty products, to celebrate the dedication of the founders that bring them to life and to educate on the connection between self-care and overall well-being. The pursuit of beauty, both external and internal, is a lifelong journey and I'm excited to see where it takes me next. I'd love for you to join me.

Love Hannah xx