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Gun Ana, a Swedish suncare brand, was born in the heart of the French Alps during a skiing adventure shared by two friends, Kajsa Regnér and Sigrid Osvald. Witnessing firsthand the year-round importance of sun protection, they set out to revolutionise the sunscreen experience.

Their mission? To reimagine sunscreen from the ground up, transforming both its formulation and packaging. Gun Ana's innovative approach combines high UV protection with nourishing botanical oils and extracts, creating multifunctional products designed for daily use, in every season.

The name Gun Ana pays homage to an ancient sun goddess whose rays were believed to be the sacred link between the sun, the earth, and all living beings. This powerful message deeply resonates with the founders, reflected in their holistic mindset that guides every aspect of the brand - from ingredient sourcing to product shipping. They understand all things are interconnected and can create positive change.

Gun Ana's core values are deeply rooted in making considered choices for crafting their products. They embrace a circular mindset, upcycling nourishing oat oil from the food industry and using post-consumer recycled PET for packaging. Inspired by the Scandinavian flora, they carefully select core ingredients and produce locally on the west coast of Sweden.


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