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Meet TWELVE - a thoughtful skincare line that combines the power of plants with advanced, gentle science. The brainchild of botanist and cosmetic scientist Pedro Catalá, each TWELVE formula is lovingly crafted to nurture and relieve stressed, sensitive, or allergy-prone skin.
Pedro's passion for natural ingredients and years of meticulous research into plant extracts inspired him to create this conscientious brand. With TWELVE, he brings you innovative, plant-rich formulas designed to protect and renew your skin as you age.

The key? Harnessing nature's rejuvenating and balancing properties to moisturize, soothe, and regenerate. TWELVE's concentrated botanical actives help restore your skin's defenses and healthy functioning from the inside out.

What makes TWELVE so special? For starters, every ingredient meets the highest eco-friendly and sustainable standards. You'll find only organic botanicals, smart biotechnology-derived actives, and natural emulsifiers and fragrances in these green formulas. Experience the pure, skin-renewing power of plants with TWELVE.